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Brush Hawg Frog

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 The Brush Hawg Frog features an extremely soft body that is very durable, and allows for great hookup percentage, while holding up to the most violent strikes. Also, the frog has a life-like finish which will draw more strikes from larger and more highly pressured fish. The Brush Hawg Frog also is equipped with a weight and rattle which will attract fish to the frog, and allow them to hone in on the lure better than the competitors. The frog also comes equipped with a high quality, super strong, super sharp VMC double frog hook, which will aid in a better strike-to-landing ratio. Whether you are dragging the Brush Hawg Frog over slop, through lilly pads, or working the lure in open water, The Brush Hawg Frog will perform to your needs.









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