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Brush Hawg Spinnerbait

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When Brush Hawg Bait & Tackle Co started in 1983 we couldn't afford to buy pre-bent wires so we had to hand bend them. Little did we know that in doing so we would produce a spinner bait that would vibrate like no other spinnerbait we had ever seen. This resulted in a bait that would catch fish after fish. Our orignal baits were made with the bullet head that everyone was using at the time. Eagle Claw was really the only hook available as well. And the old flat rubber skirt was the state of the art skirt on the market. When we combined our vibration producing   unique wire bend  with the super action of the flat rubber skirt  it set the Brush Hawg spinnerbait above the rest. This resulted in tournament win after tournament win. Over the years we have endeavored to keep up with technology by changing our head to a minnow style with molded eyes and super sharp long shank Mustad ultrapoint hooks and the new bioflex flat silicone skirt which has the same action and feel of flat rubber without all the problems, just making what was already great even better. With sizes ranging from 1/8 oz to 3/4 oz, and staple colors with multiple blade combinations we have covered all fishing situations and species. Get some and start catching fish today.  









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