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Brush Hawg Buzzbait

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For over 20 years the Brush Hawg Buzz Bait has been catching bass all over the country thrown by fisherman from BASS Elite Series Pros to normal everyday fishermen. This buzz bait can be fished super fast or super slow around all types of cover. What makes this bait different 1.The keeled body has been an integral part of our buzz bait for over 20 years, acting like a boat hull it forces the bait up so you can retrieve it extremely slow for those wary bass. 2.The flared skirt provides bulk which attracts the fish forward allowing the long shank Mustad ultra point hook to stick em helping to reduce short strikes and when hooked it holds em till you get em in the boat. 3. Unlike others our offset blade creates tremendous vibration and a squeal that drives fish crazy. With right and left rotation our bait will run right or left so you can position the bait along side all types of cover try one today and hold on for absolute heart stopping strikes. 1/4 oz.









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