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"Stick A Pig" Jigs


We designed the "Stick A Pig" Jig head over ten years ago We did so because we began to realize there had to be a reason why so many fish would come off a jig by the side of the boat. After careful examination we discovered what the reason was. At that time virtually all jigs were either round or arkie style. They all had a large amount of the eyelet sticking forward of the head. At close observation we determined the reason for fishing coming off at the boat was do to a epic failure during the hook set. What we discovered was when a bass takes the bait it sucks the entire bait in its mouth. When this happens the fishes lips clamp down on the line. Upon hookset the hook eyelet or ball head would catch the fishes lips and with the fishes mouth clamped down on the line they would hold on to the bait until seeing the boat then they would open their mouth and spit out the bait. The only way to get a good hookset was to set the hook hard enough to force the fishes mouth open so the head would catch the fishes lips. With the addition of big rattles on the back of the jig another obstruction to the hookset was created. After discovering the problem we decided to solve it. So I made a sand mold and poured a a chunk of lead on a hook and began to sand and file until I came up with the head design we have today. We molded the lead up around the eyelet in order to create a wedge so that when you set the hook it wouldn't catch the fishes lips but would force them open enough to slide forward and "Stick The Pig" in the roof of the mouth. Then we decided to solve the rattle problem and did so with the collapsible rattle bands. We also wanted to stop the skirt slippage issues found on most jigs, so we made our skit collars to hold the skirt, rattle and a plastic trailer very secure. And after adding twelve great fish catching colors in our silicone skirts and a super strong sharp Mustad ultra point black nickel hook began to produce as far as we are concerned the best jig on the market. Although others have imitated they have never duplicated the Original "Stick A Pig" Jig.          

Dave Harbison

CEO/Lure Designer

Flippin Jigs: Our flippin jigs have a heavy wire Mustad black nickel ultra point hook with a full skirt and a double rattle band added in the package.

Finesse Jigs: Our finesse jigs are true finesse. After talking to very prominent BASS Elite Series anglers I ask what they would want in a finesse jig. They said a small compact profile and a good sharp hook.  We did this with a Mustad black nickel ultra point hook. We also changed the size of our weed guard so as not to hinder the hook set in anyway. We designed our head so our flaired skirt does just that flair without having to hand tie and have it come loose over time. We have a double collar to hold the skirt secure and your favorite trailer as well or if you would like to add a rattle they can be purchased separately. 


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